• Civilian oversight of the Raleigh Police Department.
  • Incentivize police to use non-lethal devices instead of guns.
  • End any cooperation with ICE.
  • End prosecution of marijuana possession.
  • Give residents notice and info about planned ICE raids in Raleigh.
  • End RPD cooperation with the NC State Capitol Police until such time as the General Assembly rescinds laws that limit the autonomy of Counties and Municipalities.


  • Affordable housing should be set at no more that 30% of the monthly salary (including utilities) of a full time job at minimum wage. Currently this would be $377.00/month. With a minimum wage of $15.00/hour, affordable housing standard would be $780.00/month.
  • Require developers to ensure that either, 20% of all new housing is set aside as affordable housing or 5% is given to the city as housing for the unhoused.
  • Use city money to build/acquire housing for the unhoused. Housing should not have any preconditions.
  • Use city money to set up a health service for the uninsured.
  • Pass a vacancy tax on Airbnb type room rentals. This would mirror the occupancy tax for any unit not rented in a person's residence. Airbnb has the potential to drive up housing prices and lower the availability of housing, as it has already done in other cities, like New Orleans. This would discourage developers and investors from buying housing to use as Airbnb rentals. The money raised from this tax would be set aside for building affordable housing. 
  • Double the property tax on all housing that has been unoccupied for more than three months. Use proceeds from this to build affordable housing.

Food Insecurity

  • Use city funds to build grocery co-ops in food deserts. Use profits to pay the cost of start-up.
  • After set-up is paid off ownership should be transferred to the workers.


  • The city must use all means and methods at its disposal the encourage all employers to pay workers a living wage. This may mean levying taxes on all businesses that pay their employees less than a living wage. It may also mean encouraging unions in all sectors. It will not mean hand-outs to businesses.
  • The city should set up a “Chamber of Workers” for all workers in the city. This will be a clearing house for information related to workers concerns that is not influenced by businesses. It could publish worker reviews of businesses in Raleigh, advise the city council in workers’ matters, and provide information to workers in regards to obtaining healthcare and affordable housing, among other things.
  • The city should apply pressure to the General Assembly to allow municipalities to set their own minimum wage.


  • Ensure road improvement projects are not done exclusively in Middle Class and affluent neighborhoods.
  • Ensure Raleigh Greenways are expanded and maintained.
  • Ensure city workers such as Fire Department personnel and Sanitation Workers are well compensated.
  • Install more Electric Vehicle charging stations in city parking areas.


  • Pass stricter environmental laws than allowed by the state. Let the General Assembly sue the city, if necessary, to see if the limitations to County and Municipalities will hold up in court.
  • Make the city government carbon neutral by 2022. This could include solar and wind energy to be built and installed on all city buildings as well as switching all city vehicles to all electric, fuel cell, or at least hybrid electric/fuel.
  • Encourage business to cut their carbon footprint.
  • Pass a law that prevents restaurants and other food sellers from throwing away food. Any leftover or expiring food may be donated or composted.
  • Set up community gardens in all sections of the city, focusing first on food deserts and low income areas.

Small Business

  • Only offer incentives to attract businesses that pay above $15.00/hour and/or are worker owned.

Reproductive Health

  • Create a buffer zone around all existing reproductive health centers, and any that will be opened in the future.
  • Make it a crime to impersonate staff or volunteers at a reproductive health clinic.
  • Set up a fund to help people that could otherwise not afford access to reproductive health services.
  • Ensure that there are accessible, affordable places for LGBT folks to get the healthcare they need in a safe, affirming environment.