Josh Bradley for Raleigh City Council District A

Joshua Bradley is running to give voice to the workers of Raleigh. Property speculation and financial opportunism have driven housing and rent prices beyond reasonable limits, while pressure from well-financed pro-business and anti-tax forces drive down wages and benefits. 

The current City Council fully supports allowing developers and speculators to determine what our city will look like and who can afford to reside in its neighborhoods and communities. Development of affordable housing, including limits on what constitutes reasonable rents, have taken a back seat to failed planning models that generate profits for a few while displacing renters and long-time residents. The people deserve someone who will resist the rising costs of residing in their city.

At the same time, the nationwide trend to police enforcement and ICE predation that aims mainly at immigrants, the poor and working class needs to be checked in Raleigh by citizen-led police accountability and oversight committees. Joshua Bradley will provide effective leadership that considers the economic well-being of workers in Raleigh. 


Campaign News

July 30, 2019

First Canvassing Event Sunday, August 4

This Sunday will be the first canvassing event for the campaign. We will meet at 2:00 pm at Josh's place and hold a short, informal training before heading out to meet Josh's neighbors! Want to help us talk to voters in District A? Sign up here.


July 23, 2019

Official Campaign Launch:  Press Release

Joshua Bradley announces his candidacy for Raleigh City Council District A in the 2019 election. Joshua is running to give voice to the workers of Raleigh, and he has been endorsed by both the Socialist Party USA and the North Carolina Green Party in this non-partisan race. The time is now for workers to organize, to avoid being pushed to the margins during this period of rapid growth and gentrification. 

*Workers need a voice - Joshua Bradley will work to organize neighborhood assemblies. 

*Joshua Bradley will fight to make housing truly affordable to all Raleigh residents. 

*Joshua Bradley will work to establish civilian oversight of the Police Department.


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